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Warn 2500lb verses 3000lb winch differences

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What are the differences?
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i think the 3000lb one is totally sealed but not sure
Thats the big difference, the 3k is sealed. The 2.5 works great though. After every ride just run the cable compltely out and then back in. This allows you to clean the cable, and warm the motor up to dry it out. If money was not an issue I would get the 3k though.
Also look into the Ramsey winches. they pull slower but draw less amps. Mile Marker now makes ATV winches now and they are fairlly cheap too.

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Going with the 3000 lb

Thanks, for the feedback. I order both the foreman 500 ES and the WARN 3000lb winch today I will pick it up on Saturday. I believe I paid to much for the winch @ $549.00 installed at the dealer : I defended it in my mine by having them install the winch?

Again thanks for the help.
get 3000lbs i've got the 2500lbs just had it overhualed not even a year old bushings rite outta of it full of mud the 3000 is sealed wont have this trouble good luck
Tested out the 3000lb. Warn

Did not take long before the winch was needed. A friend took the plunge and the mud hole won. Hooked the WARN to his machine, locked the brakes on the foreman and out came the machine.

This alone was worth the investment
Glad to here it worked well for you. You may want to look into getting a snatch block to double-up your pulling power and less the strain on the winch motor. For those extreme situations.
How much do those winches weigh?
Warn 3k = 19 lbs
Warn 2.5k = 15.4 lbs
Not sure on the others.
I just ordered the warn 2500 was this a mistake?
No, Its a good wich. I would recomend running the winch cable in and out after each ride when the wich gets wet. The will warm up the motor and dry the internals. I had mine for 1.5 years and it was dunked under water almost every ride. I had to dissasemble it once because the motor froze up. I greased everything, reassembled and was good to go.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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