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Warn 2500 Winch Snorkle

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Trying something new here, don't know if anybody has tried this before but everytime I take my winch apart the motor is full of sand, water, corrosion, etc. I had cleaned all the planetaries and packed with grease in the fall but my winch was sacked out so I pulled the motor to inspect it and the usual gunk was there again. Decided to try and cure this problem, as the motor is vented through the two unused bolt holes going into the planetaries, a small slot on the brush end, and is not overly sealed all that well around the housings, but it does need to be vented and you can't just seal it up. So I snorkled it!!! Drilled and tapped the case between the magnets for a 1/8 npt nipple and ran a tube up to the headlight pod, then I sealed off those holes, the slot and the case with silicone(used "The Right Stuff"). I also cleaned all the connections at the battery and winch. (Hate to admit it but I think when I had initially cleaned the winch in the fall I installed the center housing backwards so it was only running on 2/3 of the magnets.....duhhh). Now it seems to pull like it used to. Will post how well it actually work's out but won't know for sure until the fall cleaning before winter.
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Not a bad idea!
This is a great idea! We did this to a few hunting rigs but we had to use bigger hole or it would get to hot I never thought about my small warn though. I cant wait for the review...........So go sink you wheeler then let me know lol
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