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Warn 2.5ci

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While stuck, I disengaged my winch pull out the cable and hooked on. I engaged the winch and started winching, I could hear the motor turning but the cable wasn't moving. I started and stopped a couple of times and it finally engaged and didn't slip again. Anyone heard of this happening. I contacted warn to see if they will warranty the winch but have not heard anything yet.
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Check your cable and make sure its on the spool good. I have had this happen several times and I found that while the cable was spooling out the cable would come loose on the spool if there is no tension the whole time.
I checked that, the cable was not slipping, It seemed as if it was trying to turn but did not have the power and when I would start and stop it finally grabbed and worked fine, I just don't want it to not work when I am SOL.
Drake did you full engage the clutch on the side. If not and it was in the centre it would not spool up the cable just make a grinding noise and wear down the gears inside(not sure if they are plastic). My guess is the clutch was not fully engaged(have done that many times )
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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