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want to see about setting up a group ride....

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i was wondering what kind of turnout there would be for a group ride more up this way as opposed to way down south....i would love to make it down there to that ride coming up soon but i just how about guys and gals....maybe sometime in sept...but the time and location is something that can be discussed....i was thinking either haspin acres in indiana or maybe wayne nat'l forest in athens ohio..anybody else have any good places or ideas?
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I would be up for a ride in the mountains in the fall or winter. Ketucky, Tenn, or West Virginia sounds good to me. Wherever there is snow, thats where I want to go.

I'll be in Columbus, OH the end of November, but I'm Flying so no bike to ride.
I wouls like to see the hatfield/mcoy trails sometime
hmmm...keep the ideas coming and we'll sort it out..just wanted to see if anybody would be interested...i'll check into kentucky and see whats good there for riding camping etc....hatfield mccoy would be awesome and thats a good possibilty but i am not to keen on helmets and no passengers..but riding is riding so its all would be awesome to get you southern guys up north for a long weekend and show you how its
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show you how its
I like the sound of this idea for sure. Find us some good places, and im sure we will get a good group from here to go up there.
i feel like a weiner....with my whole 83 posts....gotta get moving in here..
been a member since near the begining and my status is "honda goober"
..just a little note.
It could be worse.. you could be a Grizzly Goober!
Not sure what the status of this ride is, but I'd be up for this as well. I'd love to do a Hatfield trip sometime.........And a bonus is the ability to ride to the lodging areas, and the shopping at the many dealers there.

BTW, did you know that there are signs posted along the trail advertising ATV RECOVERY? Talk about having a cool job!
Will this ever happen? Seems like it died before. Wanted to see if there was any life to it. Be glad to take you all on some rides around Charleston, WV. Got 100's of miles of trails around here.
some ideas for you

hatfield macoy trails, west virginia
attica indiana THE BADLANDS
Haspin Acres, laurel Indiana
Wayne National Forest Hocking hills area Ohio
Wellsville, ohio
Harlon(sp) kentucky
I vote for Wellsville on that list. Forbidden Campground is a great place to meet up. Maybe a Fall ride????

BTW, Anyone intrested, Powerline Park in Ohio is having a ride next weekend, I'll be there Sunday.
here are a couple websites to look at...

Black Mountain OHV Park in Ky:


Hatfield & McCoy Trails in WV:
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BTW, Anyone intrested, Powerline Park in Ohio is having a ride next weekend, I'll be there Sunday.
i vote for this place, i never been there but it sounds like a fun place.
I've been trying to set something up with the group I ride with to go to black mtn once the weather starts cooling,if ya'll ever plan on that trip let me know.
anyone want to go to rumble on the ridge on sept the 16th? i may be going but i dont know yet, it just depends how dusty it is out there.
me and a bunch of guys from WV are going to Hatfield & McCoy trails the 16th..
dang...I'm hoping to do a week at H-M next 4th o july...till then i'll get plenty of snow riding in around here this winter.we got Paragon here too about 600+ miles of trails from Scranton to Trevorton...
let me know when if you get a chance to come down to wv in the spring to ride...ill do what i can to make a ride with ya...there are alot of local guys on that ride together there...
Some friends of mine want to go to the badlands the last week of sept.
My wife and I want to go to the hatfield macoy trails sometime but really don't know when. Maybe that week, were on vacation.
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