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Want to retro-fit a GPS pod onto an older non-GPS machine

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Anybody done this yet? I smashed the pod on my '01 Rubicon, and was wondering if I could replace it with the newer style GPS pod. I know the new GPS upper case will match up to the old lower case. What about the wiring? Do the plugs match up? Thanks.
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knowing Hondas, I would imagine the plugs should fit up, be interesting to hear how it works.
You need a new dash ,plastic headlight cover and the GPS unit.. these parts are several hundred dollars ..
Yeah, I know it won't be cheap. Just wondered if it is possible. Would the plugs match up?

Hey I am new to this site and came accross your post. I own a 2004 Rancher with the GPS and just bought a 05 Rubi and opted not to get teh GPS. It is a neat gadget if you get it cheap but if you have to doll out any real cash for a new POD DONT wast your money on the GPS Pod get yourself a Garmin GPS MAP60CS. My wife and I do a lot of exploring with our bikes, and she rarely uses the Honda GPS unit now that we have teh new Garmin. You have to set waypoints manyally with the stock GPS, where a handheld unit mapps your track automatically.

Good Luck
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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