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Hi all, after 4 days of testing, following the service manual and all, I still can't find a voltage drop issue and was wondering if someone could have an idea!

I bought a 2005 Foreman ES since then I changed the angle sensor, the motor shift (It had a bearing that was dismantle inside). Now it worked at the beginning! was really happy! Started to reinstall everything and then oupps the voltage at batterie and main fuse is 12.7v, if I insert the Inition fuse it drops to 11v (not enough power to shift) I didn't start it since I have removed the muffler to take off the rust.

I've tested with the display off, without the regulator/rectifier disconnected, without no winch nor accessories, withhout shift motor, etc., still at 11V. But as soon as I take off the ignition 10amp fuse, the voltage goes back to normal 12.6V. !?!? could someone help?

Really want to try it in the snow! LOL changed, fron and rear brakes (which were completly stuck), all bearings, a-arm bushings, etc. almost done... sniff.

This is where knowledge stops and I'm more than willing to add to it LOL. Next in line Carb heater
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