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VIPER winches?

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Anyone know anything about Viper winches from My buddy is looking at getting one for $100 and wanted some input on these.. Who knows, maybe he can borrow my Warn when his breaks
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dont know anything about viper winches but my buddy has a gorilla and loves it he had a warn and he perfers the gorilla, u can get a waterproof one 150 shiped to ur door off of ebay.
viper winch

I have a 3000 lb. viper winch and have had no problems. I even pulled a F250 superduty with it.
only problem with the waterproof gorilla winches are that they only have a 30 or 35 ft cable, viper has 50 ft. I guess it just depends on how much cable you need. I ride pipelines so I need at least the 50 ft. plus a tow rope.

I've got my buddy looking at Ramsey now.. Closer to Warn from what I can tell.. What do you think? Ramsey or Warn??
hmm, from what i read from this forum most of the guys have said that they have a viper or gorilla winch on their atv and the warn is broken and laying on the floor of their garage. My opinion is go with gorilla or viper and its not a big loss if it goes south. I got mine from ebay which is the 3000 lb. viper winch. I was doing the same thing you are doing when I was shopping for mine. Only problems with the viper are that I didn't like the fairlead mount so I ordered the aluminum products front skidplate with hook holster because the fairlead mount that viper had was angled down and didn't fit right in my opinion. I went and got my own hardware so it would fit how I wanted it. If you want pics I can get you them. Anyway, everything turned out great and i'm very happy with the winch. One more issue is that the winch is pretty noisy but thats about it. It works great and will lift my atv up a tree with no problems. But please compare prices on ebay with the prices on the seller's website. They differ quite a bit especially with gorilla winches.
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one other thing. warn just had a couple hundred thousand winches recalled. that bothers me so thats why i went with an off brand
I bought a Viper 2500 from MotoAlliance to put on the rancher. It works fine, maybe a little louder than the warn on the foreman, but it was quite a bit cheaper than the warn.
I went with a Gorilla 2500 waterproof. If you go that route, you will more than likely have problems with the mount causing the positive terminal hitting a support, nothing that a little modification can't fix, especially for the price.
A group of use went riding yesterday and I had to use it several times to pull a couple of the guys out of the creek. Another guy with us had a Warn on his Polaris and the Gorilla wasn't any louder than the Warn and they both seemed to be equal in power, he just had about 15' more cable than me! I plan on switching to the synthetic rope shortly.
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