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Viper winch in an 07 forman

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I installed a viper max 2500. Was wondering if anyone else has done this on a 07 foreman. The winch is in the at a angle and is always running on the roller fairhead. The instructions had no pics, but that was the only way for the winch plate to mount. I called the company and they said it was supposed to have a angle. but just looks funny. I always figured it should be a straight shot to the hole.
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Look at this post (My new 06 Foreman with AP & ITP (pics), on this website. Notice how his winch is mounted, it is on an angle.
seems like more of an angle that yours. I will try and get pics later
scroll down to the picks and you will see the mounting plate. its the same as the one I have, really put an angle on it. It was very tight in there

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Is this on a power steering model?
I need somebody to help me put one on a power steering model, HELP!
I had the same winch and it just died. It lasted about 3 months. I had it wrapped around a light pole to reel the cable back on the drum tight and it quit. It would let cable out once every 5 or 6 tries but would not reel back in. I have probably pulled with it 25 times maybe. Going to install the gorilla tonight. Also the viper would not hold my bike in a tree. It would slowly let it back down.
i got a gorilla winch on my 07 foreman and the mounting plate is at an angle also. the cable runs on the fairlead but no problems yet. i think they make them like that for cosmetic reasons. to kinda follow the curved frontend.
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