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viper winch and parts need

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im try to order everything i need from moto alliance

ive ordered winch

viber rope

and winch mount plate

anything elsa.

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i ended up ordering a gorilla winch from

2000lbs winch, synth rope and all mounting hardware for $223
that aint a bad deal at birthday is coming up in less than a month and i told my girlfriend to either get me a new cellphone that i dont really need or a winch for my 4wheeler...after seeing this deal u got i think that is the way im going to end up going

did u get the 2000lb waterproof XT version?
also it appears that you get a 50' blue steel cable with it along with a snatchblock and an aluminum that correct? and then you also bought the mounting plate for your specific 4wheeler?

is that all you have to get for a full set up?

thanks for the feedback...and let me know how you like it after you get it setup on your bike
yes i got the 2000lb xt ...when i order it i didnt realize it had all that.... which i order the cable and some other things and they corrected what i order and what it came with.

i think it was a good price compared to warn.

i got everything ready to install.

my only thing is if i install or get someone.....and i check in to that and was qouted 5hrs at $30 hr

u might check out this website, it has a write up on how to install winches

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

he uses a viper winch for the install in the how to, but i think viper, gorilla, xtreme are all made by same ppl with different decal on each

this guy knows his stuff about wiring so just about anyone can manage to do the install themselves...i am going to end up doing my own install, after reading that how to i now know alot more of what is better to do instead of running it straight off the battery and whatnot, alot more work to do from his write up but i think you either do it better the first time and have way fewer problems or you half a$$ it and have a contactor or whatever else go out on you while your out on the trail and really need the winch to get out and its not there

so you might read that write up and see if you think you can manage the install by yourself...i have wired up a few full out stereo systems in cars and trucks so i know alot about what im doing but this guys write up was getting me confused even
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thats a great write up........i might try to do i myself

Thanks Joe
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