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The plastic cover around my upper headlite and instrument cluster shakes and rattles like crazy so I roll up a small piece of cardboard and wedge it between the plastic and the cluster.That will last only a short time anybody have a better idea as to how to shut the **** thing up.
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im not sure if it will work or not but get a peice of fuel line or something slice a peice in half as long as you want it and wrap it arounf the plastic peice that sits on the guage itself.
Aw,now that just might work.thanx
Do you have a aftermarket exhaust? I heard that they will make it shake pretty bad.
Take some like insallation foam and put in there. There are posts on this forum somewhere.
Stuff some plastic bubble wrap inside the pod. Works good, last a long time.
I have an 06 with the same problem. I just seen a guy on the trail he (as stated above) had red neon (fuel)rubber line around the inside and outside. It looked great I am going to do this this weekend.
I used some adhesive backed window/door seal tape. 1/2" wide should work. Put it around the outer part of the instrument cluster.
you could always put a few squirts of expanding foam in the top of it too..
duct tape!!!!!!!!! that fixes everything.
if that dosent work i would try what cra5h said the expanding foam should work great just dont get too much. i never had the plastic problem on my rubicon but my handle bars would shake like crazy, they would raddle my hand guards loose all the time.
QUOTE ("cgannttu":222pdkpt)
duct tape!!!!!!!!! that fixes everything.
amen its good to see there are more ******** on here than just me
heck my foreman mind as well b held together with duct tape....
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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