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Has anyone purchased it? How do they connect? Any help would be appreciated. Oh, BTW Hello everyone. I became a member a little while ago to see if I really wanted the Foreman or not. Picked mine up on the 4th of Oct. LOVE IT to death. My second ATV and and my second Honda. Last one was a 86 Fourtrax 125 about 15 years ago. Oh, yeah its in the rack section at Thanks again.
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i have the versa rack system on my foreman. it mounts with clamps that go around the factory rack and a bolt to tighten. it is very secure and mine has never moved or shifted. these racks are all steel and you can lift the atv with them. down side is that they are a bit heavy. for trail riding especially overnight stuff, you can really load them up and weight doesn't matter too much. when i'm not loaded heavy, i unbolt the rear section to save weight and bolt aluminum flat stock in it's place. it is strong enough that i adapted a spare tire rack for the real long haul stuff.

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Thanks for your help. It looks to be strong enough. How much more do they weigh than a traditional one-piece drop rack. Also, does the back piece bolt to the front or how do they connect together? I am wanting this rack because I don't always need the back piece on making the Foreman even longer than it is already. Thanks again.
the back piece bolts on with 4 5/16 bolts. as you probably already know, different back rack portions can be installed. i don't believe it will weigh any more significantly than any other steel basket. ballpark, 20 lbs.
Ok Thanks. I'm gonna go ahead and order mine. I didn't want one if the two pieces just slid together or clamped together. Thanks for all your help.
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