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what all shuld i vent and how. i dont plan on putting a snorkle on yet but i would like to water proof it more
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i ran up my carb vents up to the top of my snorkel

i know you should run up your diff. vents and brake vents but i never took the time to find them to reroute.

i guess i should, b/c i just changed my diff fluid and it was milky white
there is one on the front diff that runs into the frame at the front of the bike on one side. then there is a vent on the rear diff, 2 on the fan, and one for the rear brake that all run up into the same area but on the opposite side of the frame.

thanks jw,

you wouldn't happen to have pics of where they are would ya?

my bike is so muddy and full of dirt i couldn't find it last time i looked.
as for the fan, i could reach the ones that i saw coming off o fthe fan.

even when my bike is clean i still have mud and dirt everywhere.

i don't want to just start pulling hoses and see which one's come off..
no i dont and i havent done them i just no where they are at. if you look in behind the which at the top of the curve in the black tubing they run into a hole there right in around where the arrow is pointing on both sides.
thanks for the help
don't forget to plug your carb drain tube!!
is that a check valve i see hanging down. it seems like it would get pulled off
it is a tube coming out of the bottom of the carb and runs to bottom of frame. if not plugged, you could suck up water through this tube.
it looks like a check valve. that wouldnt let water go up
yes it is a check valve but it doesnt work right and lets water and junk in anyways
just plug it with a golf tee....
I took my carb vent lines, split them, they are hooked together. I cut a little slit in my black flap, the one under the seat. I then ran the lines though the slit and ...... I don't remember how I got them to stay up there.... anyway I took my carb drain line took off the check valve and folded the line over and put a small hose clamp on it. I have not messed with the others yet but will when it warms up. Right now while its cold out I don't play in the water so I'm not worried about it.
do you have to worrie about it flooding when pluging the drain
The carb vents need to be put up higher. The rear diff, rear brake and fan vents are all grouped together, just follow the rear diff line up and at the front of the bike they are all together. then just extend them with some barbs and tubing from the harware store. teh front diff is all by itself just group it with the rest of them. Plug the carb drain. Last but not least re-run the crank case vent line. This is below the air filter in the airebox, it goes straight into the crank case. Get about 3 feet of tubing from the local shop and get some hose clamps and reroute it. there is a how-to on the triangle atv website. This will save a lot of headache and money, not much water has to get in the air box to slode down to the crank case. Total 1 crank case vent, 2 carb vents, 1 front diff, 1 rear diff, 1 fan, 1 rear brake and drain plug.
don't forget about the fan. i haven't done this myself but will do so before spring. wanna keep 'er running.
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