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Venting Radiator Overflow...???

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Hey guys, I was out riding the other day and come across another Rubicon rider....He asked me have I vented my Radiator overflow and I haven't (new to me) and he said that my waterpump now has mud in it and that it will sooner than later eat the sill and cause mud in the engine. Anybody familiar with this or had this problem or heard of this???
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Interesting that no one has any input on this. Is it just unknown or what?
i have never heard of such but that doesnt mean it dosent exist. Give it time someone will be along shortly
i heard of it but i have not found a fix yet other then putting te one way valve that honda put on the bottom of the carb stock.
This is a huge problem with the Popos.

I've never heard of this being a problem with the Ruby. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to snorkel overflow though.
Never thought about the rubi, but as Eric said I have also extended alot of PoPo's. If you look at the overflow cap there is a small hole in it. This alows it to vent.

Just think of the stuff you ride in. As the cooling system sucks fluid from the reservoir to maintain the cooling system, guess what else it's sucking in through the weep hole. The muddy water that you are riding in.

What we have done is drill out the weep hole and add a double ended 1/4" king nipple with a hose and extended it to the pod. The hole only needs to be big enough that you have to force the fitting in the cap. No RTV is needed to seal the fitting up. The cap is plastic and will form around it. Just remember to point the hose end away from you. If for some reason it decide to push hot fluid out, it want blow it on you.
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