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vent tubes and mods

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what vent tubes to i need to mod , where are they and what else do i need to mod?
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Front and rear diff, F & R brakes, Fan, Carb vent (the one that is visible when you remove the seat) and reroute the crank breather up over the carb. The brakes, and diff all are vented into the frame under your main light. Look between the light and front plastics and youll see 5? hoses going into the frame those are your vent and you extend those to where ever you want. DO NOT vent the carb with any othe vent as it will create a vaccum and flood the carb, vent it seperately. If you look in my pics there is some pics of how to do it they do not explain much but the pics should help. You should also seal up the pull start mechanism, truegrit wrote a DIY in the how to section that is pretty good, you can also find a DIY on a snorkle, I had bought my snork from triangle ATV and I love it. That should get you started, if any more ? feel free to email me or post up here.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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