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vent lines?

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Hey guys, im thinking of removing my air box, drilling some holes, plastic cementing some nipples coming out of the box so i can hook my vent lines into it. Ive got the box snorkled so it should be ok. My carb has 2 vent lines on it and ive been told to plug these befor i go swampin in water, why is that? Do you think that if i rout the 2 lines to the air box that their will be any vacume on them from the engin suckin air? What do youall think?
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You dont want to plug those vent lines before you play in water but you do need to extend them to a higher spot.....If you plug them the bike isnt going to run right the only one that you should plug is your drain on the bottom of the carb.........just get yourself alittle three way splitter and turn both of those vent lines into one then run it up into the 3rd light houseing and youll be fine as long as that doesnt go under water never thought about putting them to the air box
hmm ok ic, im just goin to plug the drain line when ever i go deep but what do you think about hookin the carb vent lines into the air box?
I have snorkled about 15 bikes, and never thought of running the carb lines into the air box. Actually, good idea. I dont know if this would be a problem with this being vacuumed or not. Hmmmm.
Those two lines must be vented to atmospheric pressure. If they are placed in to airbox the vacuum created will not allow them to function proberly. The same holds true if you try to plug them.
Should have seen this one commin'.. Ha Ha Ha
Playin' in Water...
Ok thats what i was wondering, ill just T the two carb vent lines together and run a line up to the gauge pod, thanx guys!
Hey SASQUATCH your sig says you have outlaws but it looks like you have swamp lites???
Ok now I found the outlaws! You did not like the swamp lites????
The swamp lights are a really good tire for almost every kind of riding except for hard core muddin. Once you get into the thick and nasty stuff they clog and turn into a giant mud ball. Other than that i thought they were an awsome trail tire. The wierd thing is that the 27inch swamplights were just as tall as my 28inch outlaws if not a little taller.
i checked my carb vent lines today and the were already teed and ran up underneath the this good enough or should i extend them up a little farther like under the light pod?? its on a 450s
wvforeman.. It all depends on how deep you go. If they dissapear under the seat, than this is as deep as you can go. It don't cost much at all to run them under the pod. Small price to pay for your bike not stalling with water in the carb. Total cost = less that $15.00 .. probably less depending on where you get the hose from.
cool..i think i will extend it a little more..thanks
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