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vent lines

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i hate to start another topic on venting your fourwheeler, but i was just wondering...after running the lines up to the pod what needs to be done to them?..i know that the stock lines(at least on the rear diff) was stuck into what i think was the frame with a plastic stud thing on the end...and what do i use to extend the line? i don't have to run all new lines do i?
thanks for the help

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You can extend the vents from wher there end in the frame. Windsheild washer hose works well for extending them. Or you can get cheaper hose at a hardware store.
Just take one of those ones that go into the frame cut a little bit off go to the hardware store and find a multiple "t" fitting. All of those vents can be "t"ed into one line and run that up, then look under the seat find the carb vent get a barbed fitting and run that up. Plug the carb drain before you go into deep water and you should be good.

You might also want to (at the very least) put dielectric grease in the spark plug boot, and on the electrical connection on that weird looking thing attached to the frame by the right rear tire(regulator/rectifier). At the most put it on every electrical connection you can find

Then do deep
I have heard people talking about plugging the carb drain before riding in deep water but when transporting your atv make sure to unplug the carb drain, what will happen if you leave the carb drain plugged when you transport it? Does the fuel slosh around in the carb and need to be drained out before starting?
Higher risk of getting your carb full of fuel and depending on how bad it will vacuum itself into the airbox. If you arent snorkeled then I wouldnt worry about it. Usually the only time people have problems or have to take precautions is when they have a snorkel and the air from being transported uses the snorkel as a vacuum and starts sucking fuel from the tank to the carb to the airbox then into the crankcase.

Sorry such loooong sentence.
So the best advise would be plug the carb drain when riding in water and unplug it when you get done and or transporting it Right?
That's the way i understand it. I haven't ever plugged our carb drain lines
yet. They seem to do just fine without pluggin' them.
this may be inpossible to do but it would be very helpful to me. If someone could take a picture of where all the hoses start and on the carb which two hoses to run. And how many feet of hose does it take.

anyone can help me
On the carb its the two short black hoses that tee loop over the top of it, I just tee'd them together and ran some hose under the tank and up into the pod. I used 4 feet and had a little extra.
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