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Vent lines

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had my foreman out for my first real adventure today and was disappointed twice. I think the problem is with the location of the carb vent lines. I found instructions about rerouting the crankcase vent, but my instructions on the vent lines were less understandable. I assume that the vent lines are the two that cross over the top of the carb and both turn down on the opposite side from where they start from. If these are them, I think I know what I need to do from there. What have yall done with yall's vent lines.
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I ran all of my vents up with the snorkel. Some people run them to the pod. You also need to plug the carb drain when you are going to be in water. Its the hose that has a check valve on it.
Firedude, if you are going to mud mania at redcreek next week I would be happy to show you.
i think we are gonna go to Mud Mania, there's about 5 of us that just got new rides and we'd all like to go check the place out.

I hope to have it done by then. My new skids came in yesterday, so while I'm putting those on i think mess with the vents.

hey firedude ill be out there on a (smokin) big bear! because i tore my trans up on the foreman
I'll be on the big red popo. With a bunch of people with us.
I just looked at the schedule of events and realized all the good stuff is goin down on New Year's Eve out there. I haveta work New Year's Eve. Will there be a big turnout on New Year's Day. That would be the only time i could make it.
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