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Venom Winches

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I am thinking about purchasing a 3000 lbs venom winch off of ebay for my 04 foreman 450? Anybody have any info on these? Dont really have the $$$ for a Ramsey or Warn, but I don't want to buy a piece of junk that will need to be replaced in a year.
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Look up in the Rubicon 500 section. We have been talking about the Venom Winches... and how people are liking them. I actually have learned that I need to but the Venom 3000 Winch for my 650 Rincon
the venom winches are good from what i hear..a few of the guys i ride with have them ..i was gonna get the venom but ebay was sold out at the time so i bought the 3000# Gorilla and it has worked perfectly so far...both winches are getting good reviews from the people i have talked to...

Thanks for the info, the rubicon 500 section really helped out. Sounds like there are no complaints on the Venom. Does anyone know if they are manufactured by someone else and just wear a Venom nametag?
I dont know...Right now, I am torn between the Venom and the Gorilla winch. Who ever had the Gorilla winch... I play under water ALOT.. and I have heard from some people I ride with have the Warn Winch and they have died due to water usage. Is the Gorilla Winch sealed..or is there such thing as a sealled winch?
i dont know for sure but i have had mine in the water and mud and havent had any problems yet
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