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Venom Winch

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Anyone got a Venom Winch - are they any good - any mounting problems?
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I got a Venom 2000lb winch in December no mounting problems I've used it 10-15 times and never gave me any trouble so far it seems like a really good winch
I have a Gorilla winch that is basically the Venom, but with a different sticker on it. And IMO I think these things are crap!! We ride alot of creeks and rivers here, and the winch and contactor lasted me maybe 2 rides. I will definitely be saving up for the new Warn XT/RT series sealed winch!!
I have a Gorilla and mine has been submerged like 10 times and it still works great. If it does ever go out, I will order another. $125 with the mounting bracket. Warn almost $500 plus the bracket? No thanks
We have a 3000lb and a 3500lb,both are good for the price,I replaced 1 contactor so far.They get used quite a bit too.The mounting brackets were model specific and worked well except for the one on the Foreman which lets the motor actually touch the plastic headlight housing.
The only thing I dont like is the two bolt mounting system,They have one bolt on the front side and one on the back.
I would buy another one just because of the low price.
mine works fine, i put my contactor in a water tight electrical box
Where is the best price on Venom or Gorilla winches??

What kind of waterproof box did you put yours in? Do you have a picture?
QUOTE ("ToddC":3ka7izcc)
Where is the best price on Venom or Gorilla winches??
They are basically the same in price but Gorilla now offers a waterproof winch similar to the warn RT/extreme with a 6 month guarantee. That's the one I bought. Had it underwater already and had no problems. Did have problems though with the mounting plate though like others on this board.
Where did you get your Gorilla from?
I got mine on Ebay Todd!! I water proofed my connector box and then put it in the back tool box. I run creeks and always hit the water holes and mine still works fine. I would order another one!!!
it's just a pvc junction box you can find them at home depot, lowes, they come in all sizes and shapes. i put some pics up tomarrow
Have a Venom 3000X (I believe) on my 04 Rubicon and so far so good. But only had it for like 2 months now. So far though its worked without any problems. Contactor mounted on the outside of my storage box.

But the way it mounts on the rubi sucks though, the **** motor would just about hit the tire when it was fully turned, it might of hit under compression. But just had to drill new holes in the mounting plate and was able to move the winch over a bit and so far so good.

Oh yea the first thing i did was completly took apart the winch and packed it with grease.
I have my Venom winch and installed my contactor inside the rear tool storage box. Hasn't failed me yet!
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