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Venom Winch Mount

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Anybody used one of the Venom winch mounts and universal roller fairlead on ebay on a Foreman 500? Thinking about ordering one and they are the cheapest I have found. Thanks
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I never heard anything bad about the Venom winches, roller fairleads, or the mounts. I guess that they are all right.
I have used their mounts on bikes other then Honda and found them to fit great and be very well built. I have used their winches too and only had one person complain and it was his own fault. He ran the cable off the spool.
I am about 2 months late on this post but I will add to it anyway.
I have the Venom winch and mount kit that I got off Ebay. It works great, BUT I did have some problems with the mount kit the winch came with. I had a hard time tring to mount the winch mount on my 500. Had a hard time getting the 2 side bolts to go through the mount and the c-clamp pieces that went around the front bumper brackets. I finally got it to work and and after that I had no problems. The winch has pulled through all 3 times that I have needed it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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