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Vampires and Moto Sport Tellurides

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Hello everyone. I am a newbe here. I plan on getting a yellow Foreman S 4x4 by the first of next month and I would like to get some opinions. I have been looking at some tires and rims lately trying to decide what I want to get.

I had been looking at either Outlaws or Vampires. I dont really want Mud Lite's, I want something a little bit more aggressive for when I need it. I will be riding in muddy fields, swamps and hard pack. There arent many hills around here, however I will be taking a few trips to the mountains. Around here we have always had good luck with Vampires, but I dont see too many people on the site with them. I will be getting 27x10-12 for the front and 27x12-12 for the rear. All in all, how will the Foreman perform with these?

I plan on mounting them on the Moto Sport Telluride 12x7. I like this rim because it is a little different from what everyone has. I can get the tires and rims for $699.

Anyone have any experience or opinions on these tires and wheels? Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help!
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I think with your all around riding condtitions, you might like the claws better....
I have the vampires on my 05 500 es and i love them i have the 28 inch edls though heres a pic
i have the vamps they do good for me but i gonna move up to 29.5 shortly
Thanks for the responses. I am glad to see that yall are pleased with the Vampires. Does the 500 seem to have plenty of power with the Vamps.

Those EDL's sure do look mean! Is there any rubbing in the front with them?
So what do yall think about the rims? Yes or no?
they look good are they clear coated?
Yeah i dont have any problem pushing them and the edls are much heavier then the regular vamps that you are looking at for the front.....I am going to put a clutch kit in though just to help it along alittle better.......I think that those rims will look great
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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