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vampire tsl

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i am thinking about getting these tires for my new 4wheeler. does anyone have any info in these tires? i am not wanting them for a mud tire, just a all terrain tire. i think they only have about 1" of tread but that will be good fore me. Also i am thinking about getting the 26".
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Which tires are you looking at ? The Vampires are a good mud tire with about 1" lug depth. They will take you in and out of most anything . The Super Swamper TSL is not as aggressive . They have 3/4" lugs . They make a very good all-terrain tire that ride pretty good on hardpack . Hope this helps . this is what i am talking about and you were right they are called super swamper tsl. do you know if they they wear like the orginal vampires because my couson has them and they wear like nothing i have ever seen. i am manly looking for a good trail tire that will not slip and slide on slick places but i also want a ok mud tire for little mud holes. how do you like you ASX's? i also thought about them but i thought i would try the TSL's. thanks for the help.
The TSL's wear and ride real good . They get very good traction in all conditions , mud , rocks , trails , etc. . They are a little harder to get sideways without alot more throttle . I Love the ASX's , wish they made them in 27's or 28's . We ride in the mountains around here and they work very well . The huge side biter lugs work in the rocks and the deep mud holes . I can follow 27" mudlites, titans , and 28" mudzilla's where they go . The only drawback is a little rougher ride . Hope this helps Aaron .
i've vamps on the front of mine and they will pull me through just about anywhere!
You should check out Maxxis Bighorn radials.
i thought about getting the bighorns but i dont really want to pay that much for them. im accually interested in bear claws but i know a person who has them and he said that the front tires do not have enough tread on them to turn in muddy places, so i thought i would try the super swampers.
get the edl's....they look super aggressive
I have the edls they are very aggressive but you couldnt have them all the way around only on the front if you put them all the way around you would be very stuck as soon as you took that bike off the trailer
sorry this is a old post but i got some new info on these tires and i want to see what you all think. i was talking to my boss the other day and he said that he rode with a guy that had the superswamper tsl's and he said that he slipped all over the trails, when he was riding over ruts and on sloped hills. do you guys really think that they would be that bad? i understand that they may slip a little because of the tread but on tight trails i do not want to be sliding into trees and everything. tell me what you guys think, the reason i like these tires is because the tread is not too deep and will kind of be a all terrain tire.
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