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Vampire EDL

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I was just wanting to get some Foreman riders opinoin on these tires. i dont have a clutch kit or gorrila axels, so do you think i would be able to turn them or would it be a waste of money. also do you think Zillas or Mud B*tches would do just as good in the mud and offer a better ride on trails. i just cant get over how sweet these tires look, but im thinking are they practical?
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you will proubly need some more mods to turn them good in the deep stuff. i have seen them in action and they dig, if you are in a bottomless hole they will dig down. i never saw them on trails though, but i have seen 27" vamps on the trail and they did good. i really dont know how they compair to the zillas, the zillas proubly pull a little better in the mud and dont dig down as much. these were going to be my next tires after my 27" executioners wore out but i sold my bike in the mean time.
i had them they were good but the outlaws are great lol
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