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Valve let go

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Hey guys, new member. Bought an 04 450 a week ago. Put some fairly hard miles on. Third day of riding the intake valve let go and destroyed the head, piston and jug. Got the motor out of the bike and pulled the top end and front cover off. Piston has a gaping hole where the valve was lodged in and found some aluminum in the case but nothing too serious. Question is should I be alright to give a good rinse with brake clean and toss a new top end on? Buddy has a new top end off a 400 that I can steal. Don’t really want to keep tearing apart the case as I’m already over my head.
Thanks for any advice
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I can understand not wanting to tear it down the rest of the way, and I’d imagine it would likely be ok…. But I’d hate to put it all back together and have some debris I didn’t get out ruin the crank or the case. If it were me I’d want to take it the rest of the way apart.
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