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valve and seals?

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Where is the best place to order my valve and seals? I might as well replace them since I have the motor tore down.
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When I rebuilt the wifes bike a year or two ago, I picked all my seals up at my honda dealer and you can also check out Cant remember what I paid for them. I would try to stay with honda seals if possible on the engine.

Are the valves in that bad of shape that they need to be replaced? if not just regrind them and save alittle money. You can pick up grinding compound from any parts house.
they appear to be fine but I just figured if i was in the motor I had better replace them. I have called around and it looks like it will take a week or longer to get them. Looks like im going to take that advice and just keep what I got. Thanks for the input.
hows it going little ceo you might want to just go to ron ayers theyve got them for the same price and all youve got to do is pick them up. (local dealership)
big4fifty4man I looked at the valves and they appear ok. I called ron ayers and they said it will take over a week to get them. I will just put it back together like it is. Im ready to ride!!!!!!! Thaks for the hook up at ring and piston I have them doing my head work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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