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valve and plug gaps for 1996 foreman 400

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need to no the gap

is the valves .oo6
not sure what to set the plug at
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Yes the valves set at 0.006" .. The spark plug gap is: 0.8-0.9 mm (0.03-0.04 in)
Thanks Honda Mechanic

I need info on oil filter location and what i need to do to bring carb back to stock setting the plug was black

I Changed plug , oil , clean carb but did not rebuild I think my carb is not set right and what is a needle ajustment and do i need to do this?

The oil filter is on the right front side of the engine .. It is a round cover with 3 bolts (6mm) ...

Here is a picture of the oil filter & carb info..When the picture opens click again for full size ..

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I have took the carb apart and is soaking in carb cleaner

Do you have the specs on putting it back toghther or should i by the rebuild kit . the o rings are in good shape,. I think i know how it goes backbut just in case. LOL

And thanks for all your help I Sure dont want to be a Mechanic but moneys is tight . 1 son thats 10 and 1 girl thats 3 months old.
WHat is or where is the needle clip position

I'm Lost what do i look for to ajust the needle clip postion and do i need to do this. I have change plug ajusted valves It still runs like crap . now i have tore the carb down and im soaking it in carb cleaner what next.

Im Loosing my mind this crap is driving me crazy .
I emailed you the fuel section ...

Does the choke plunger slide smooth in and out when installing it ..
thanks and yes
about how much is a rebuild kit for a carb and i didnt count how many turns on the pilot screw there was when i took it out

what now
HM posted above with all the settings for your carb.
Yes the valves set at 0.006" .. The spark plug gap is: 0.8-0.9 mm (0.03-0.04 in)
I just adjusted my valves, the exhaust glows at the head and back fired a little. Shut her down quickly. Do you think the valve seats are worn? I set at .006 in with the 2 lines in the timing window. The valves were previously very loose but it ran well. Thanks!
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