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is it normal to need to adjust the valves right after a full engine rebuild? i had picked my bike up from getting it overhauled yesterday and he said run in for like 15 minutes then let it sit for 15 minutes so that the rings could seat, well i did that all afternoon yesterday and went riding a little this morning and went through a little water which was fine when doing a water wheelie and tailpipe went under water but bike never died out on me, now the valves are kinda rattling, i figured that they would need to be adjusted after everything gets loose again
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It probably wouldn't hurt to adjust the valves after you break in the new parts, why did you have to rebuild your motor?
i was riding on the fouth of july at a friends house and the motor kept wanting to die out for some reason and then it finally just went, i brought it to a guy and he took the top end apart said i didnt even have a top ring on my i told him to take it all apart and clean it cuz he said there was mud in the bottom of the motor, so they scraped that all out with a screw driver then cleaned it and put it all back together, now i got a fresh engine for the most part, cept that the top end is bored as much as it can go over now...i figured since he told me how to break it in and stuff then that means that maybe the valves would have to be readjusted after everything got loosened up...i dont think any of the riding i did today would have hurt the new parts that got put in, only went full throttle a few times
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