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valve adjustment

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all right i have the T in the window and the piston is up.are the rockers up or down when the valves are closed. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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by looking at the parts fiche looks like they sould be up
give it one more turn, then you should be good, make sure when you check the clearance its a good reading, it'll fool you and you might end up with loose valves and noisy, check the exhaust pipe to make sure it's tight mine came loose and was rattling
thanks for the help. the valves must be to tight i can't even get the .15mm filler gauge under the rocker.
make sure u have the gauge in there just so, it's kinda b!tch to get it in there put a bend in it around 1/2 2/4 inch up it makes it a bit easier, are the valves open?? springs not compressed you should be able to feel the movement if not try turning the engine over another turn remember the engine has to turn twice for one complete cycle. I,C,P,E intake piston down, compression piston up, power piston down, exhaust piston up, if you have absolutely no slack your probliy just finished the exhaust stroke so your on over lap both valves slightly open, you wanna be just after compression
thank for all the info. u have been a big help.i think i have it now.
My valves were too tight on the first service also.But setting them at the recommended .006" was way too noisey for me.
valve adj.

I have an 07, and in the peep hole I saw a "T" with a line under it. I believe that thats top dead center. And I felt the play on both valves. I agree wit you on the pain it is to get the feeler gauge in there. I was wondering if I could go just a little thicker on the gauge and keep them tight against that, b ut didn't wanna risk it. I have both a 06 and 07 and have done it by the .006 and it works good. But yes it is a pain trying to get just alittle drag on the gauge.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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