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Valve adjustment

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My Foreman has a little over 1200 miles on it. The valves just started to make a very slight ticking noise after my last oil change. I was running amsoil 0w-40 but swithched over to Shell rotella 5w-40 synthetic. I went to the shell because I use it in my Goldwing and like how the bike shifts. I also have run it in both my son's Recon Es without any problems. I like having all the machines on the same diet of oil. It makes maintance easy and the rotella is always available at Walmarts for under $17 a gallon. Anyhow, The dealer said its rare to need a valve adjustment under a 1000 miles, ( this place sells alot of honda atvs!!) any thoughts???
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Did the bike have the 1st service done on it ..?
I do all my own service. I've changed oil and filter three times, dif. fluids twice, and service the air filter as needed. The only time the bike has been to the dealer was for the a-arm recall and one other recall that I can't remember the problem. I also clean and grease as many electrical connections that i come across., I went along with what the dealer stated above. I hope there is no damage?? My foreman has a pretty easy life, trail riding and cutting firewood. I'm going to adjust the valve next week.
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