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Valve adjustment

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Does anyone notice any valve noise when adjusted to the factory spec?I've adjusted them to .006 and it seems too noisey to me.Especially when it's hot,then it gets louder.I've adjusted them to a snug .004" and it's much better but I'm afraid to go tighter.At 100 miles I inspected the valves and I could barely get a .002 feeler gauge in there.Should they be this tight?
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I adjusted mine for the first service also and could not get the .006 gauge in there before I adjusted them. Then I adjusted them to .006 and it sounded way louder. I went riding with a buddy who had the dealer do his and his was just as loud as mine so I'm hoping its normal. I've went on several long rides since and no problems.
Yeah, It's all the noise that really bothers me.I know it's better to have them too loose than too tight but all that ticking gets to me after a while.Makes it sound like something is wrong with it.
Mine were a little to loud for my liking so after a long weekend ride, I went back and re-adjusted them to a tight .005 cold and the bike runs and sounds fine now. Mine were also to tight from the factory (cold) also when I originally adjusted them.
Noise in a 500 Foreman engine Welcome to the Foreman owners club. I set mine to factory spec and yes they are loud but when it's really really hot better loose than tight
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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