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valve adjustment

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i tore my foreman down, 411 miles on the ticker already. so i got it down to the motor to adjust the valves. well i get the piston to TDC (take a straw and set it in the plug hole til it comes all the way up) and i try to adjust them but i they seem to closed? can that be possible ? they rattle a bit though? what am i doing wrong? i think i am gonna try to move the piston to where i can get the feelers in it? please help aaron
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You must be on the wrong stroke .. With the valve caps off turn the engine over watching the intake valve ,when the intake valve opens then closes watch for the "T" in the flywheel inspection hole .. This is TDC ..
inspection hole

where is the flywheel inspection hole? i looked but i didnt find it?
big flat headed allen head bolt to the right of the pull start.
i'm a retard

ok i found the flywheel inspect hole. lined up the T in the center of the hole. and now i cant seem to adjust the valves? cant get a feeler guage in either side? why? what am i doing wrogng? please help
sounds like u r in the wrong stroke make shure the piston is at the top and the "T" lines up
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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