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Valve adjustment/inspection

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This was written by scooter350

Valve adjustment/inspection for Honda trx350 2004 - This procedure is the same on all Foremans and Ranchers.

Here's the drill for doing your own valve adjust on newer honda quads with the push rod style of engine.
There may be slight differences from this model to yours, but the procedure is the same.

You will need the following tools:
- flat and cross screwdriver
- 5mm and 6mm allen keys
- side cutters (used for removing the plastic rivets)
- 10 mm socket and extension
- 10mm boxend and a set of feeler gauges (.006"for mine)
- pliers.

- Make sure fuel is off, key is off and engine is cold. It might be a good idea to purchase some extra plastic rivets for ones that get lost or destroyed.

-Remove plastic gas tank surround with the side cutters and 5mm allen key, remove the 2 phillips screws holding the glove box to them.
(the panels are held together after the plastic rivets are removed with screws, it is not neccessary to remove them and separate the panels completely) and put aside.

- Remove fuel tank rubber straps (2), fuel line with the pliers, and the 10 mm bolts at the front of the gas tank. Now place tank aside being careful of the fuel ****. remove plastic liner and air intake tube from airbox.

-Remove the inspection cap for timing at the back of the engine by the pull-start with the 6mm allen key and pull engine over to top dead center on the compression stroke.

- Remove valve cover 10 mm bolts and be careful of the o-ring inside the cover, it and the gasket are re-usable. note: there should be play in the rocker arms, if not turn the engine over 360 degrees to get tdc compression.

- Slide the feeler gauge between the valve stem and the threaded adjuster, there should be slight drag with the appropriate size of gauge. to adjust, loosen lock nut with the 10mm box end and turn adjuster with the flat screw-driver, and lock nut again.torque to 12 ft-lb

- Re-install the valve cover (watch o-ring) and torque to 22 ft-lb. install
inspection cap and torque to 7 ft-lb.

- Replace plastic liner and hoses, fuel tank and glove box and air intake.
tighten all bolts and screws before installing the body panels and rivets.

- Test drive and check for oil leaks and loose panels. service your air filter and change oil and filter to fill out your homemade tune up.
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good directions thank you getting ready to try it
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