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valve adjustment effects

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I'm not exactly an expert when it comes to these things so I was wondering what exactly does adjusting the valves do??
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As mechanical parts wear the tolerances change. Cam lobes wear. Valves can stretch etc. If the clearance gets to be too mcuh you hear a clicking noise. Engine performance suffers due to valves not opening like when they should. Valves can burn due to not seating correctly (if they are too tight) Basicly the engine is designed to run within certain Parameters, Adjusting the valves correctly helps to keep it running well.

It is not difficult to do, it just takes a little time.
thanks for your help
What would it cost to have the valves adjusted at the dealership? Anyone know?
If your mechanical there is a thread under "how to" and it shows step by step how to do it. The main thing is to make sure the piston is in the right position and you use an .006 feeler gauge. On the same note though if you do it wrong it can be bad. If you do it this way its free.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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