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valve adjusting

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i have 05 forman and have about 100 hours on it... i think i heard a little tinging during this never been back to the dealership ive just been changing the oil myself.... do i need valve adjusting? and if i do and ride will it mess up the engine?
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Your valves should have been adjusted at the initial break-in which is 100 miles or 20 hours, whichever comes first. More than half of the valve adjustments I do the valves are out of spec. Your owners manual has a maintanence schedule in it. Look at it so you know what you should be doing to your atv to keep it running its best.
thanks so i deff. should take it in and get the valves adjusted? thanks and will i DAMAGE the motor or just not run properly if i ride it like it is.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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