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Valve adjust, Rattle

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Hey first of all i would like to thank everyone for the great DIY's. I have had my foreman for about a month now and it has around 1450 miles on it and 166hrs. i had a rattle on on my bike somewhere under the seat but because of what i know and what I've read i started to think my valves were way out whack. like others have stated. i tore into the bike this afternoon and adjusted my valves and to every one who thinks there valves are too loose set at 0.006 you might have got a false reading or was on the wrong stoke. One day i will be a licensed heavy duty mechanic (currently a 3rd year apprentice) and was more then confident i could do this job. I have done many b4 on diesel engines and cars. but anyways it's **** tricky to get a real reading the area is too small so u really have to take your time and fuq around and not be shy about breaking your feeler gauge. but anyways my rattle would only make noise when i was coasting not speeding up or down (5 speed manual) thats why i thought it was the valves but when i had it apart i shook everything and found that the exhaust bolts were maybe hand tight and thats where rattle was coming from so tightened them up. after i adjusted my valves and fixed the exhaust the bike has a lot more bottom end torque then b4 and no more rattle. Just wanted to tell my story and how the valves tried to fool me.
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You are correct on the valves. They can be very tricky to read/adjust. After I had adjusted mine, I ran the bike till it warmed up to make sure I had them set accurately.
You've done a lot of riding on that bike for only having it a month!
Lol, i bought it used but still have put about 250 miles on it or so
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