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URGENT!!!where can i get a spring tool for the clutch kit

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i called local auto parts store and they didnt have it, i went by harbor freight a few days ago to get one, they didnt have one....those new springs are mucho hardcore or i am just a big sissy
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would the honda shop have it? and if so how much are they gonna gank out of my pocket to use it for 10 minutes
it can be done without the spring tool, I use a small long shank screwdriver and needle nose plires. they can be a pain even with the spring tool. If you raise the clutch weights up just alittle on the post it will alow them to come closer together. once you have the springs on the weights just side them back in place.
roger that, thanks for the help...ill try again in the morning

when u say small long shank screwdriver u mean just a very thin flat head or very thing philips screw you use the pliers to grab the end of the spring and pull or do u use the screw driver, im guessing your pulling with the pliers and kinda use the small screwdriver to kinda wedge the spring to the side so it will fall into the hole...i noticed one of the ends on one of the springs doesnt even go in either thinking making gring it down a small bit till it will fit
use a narrow flatblade with along skinny shank to put the springs on. do not grind them. it may look like they want fit, but they will. once you get the springs locked on just push them down as far as they will go in the hole. the neednose pliers are just to help hold the spring down. there's not much room in there to put your fingers. also if it pops loose it want cut you.
i used vige grip nedel nose locking pliers lock one end in then grap the other wiht hte vicegrips and sull it in it works very well i had no trouble putting any of my springs in agter i got them you dontt even have to get an expensive pair i just picked up the mini 4 pc set from harbor freight and used the little nedel nose they actaully are decent quality i find myself useing them more then i thought i would

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... mber=91673</a>

those are what i used
i also used the pliers and the long screwdriver, it works great. be sure not to over strech the springs though. just strech them enough to get them on.
dont worry i got them, i pulled the weights out a little bit and got the springs on with needle nosers
The visegrip needle nose pliers were what I used. I picked up a heavy duty pick set from Harbor Freight, it worked for one, but he pliers were soooo much easier.
I used a flat blade screwdriver i just ground a groove in the center of the blad for the spring to sit in and used another to push the spring down in the hole.
I took the dogs out and assembled springs on bencht, then put all dogs with springs back on machine as one piece. Pretty simple; I did the same thing on my centrifugal clutch on my old Kodiak.
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