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Upgrading my new Foreman

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ok, last month i bought a White 08 foreman (obviously) lol

and i will be ordering
1.) 28" maxxis zillas on 14" ITP's
2.) 2" extreme lift

now, i dont want it to bog down, i know it is geared low, but the tires will be a bit bigger... now i will eventually get a HMF Swamp Series pipe and jet it

but is that clutch kit worth it? im not worried about installing it, i can do that part... i know its only like $60 or so... so thats no biggie either

i also seen that highlifter has a gear reduction for it already? lol maybe ill do that next year, but has anyone ran this yet? (i will try to get some pictures up tomorrow, i have to wash it from tonights ride! lol i just get high centered sometimes **** SAS)
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I run 28" laws with just a clutch kit no probs. I'll be upgrading to pipe, kit and k&n in the spring.
i put a clutch kit in mine and it will turn 29.5 laws in some thick-ass red clay ( with the tire mostly burried in the mud)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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