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update on the 450 ES

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hey there all thanks for the advice and tips I received..... I just wanted to let everyone know that after alot of friggin around we finally replaced the ECM and now the bike is shifting fine! The only thing is that only R and N and 5 are showing up on the display...... Will driving the bike maybe reset everything and the display work again? We never tried that yet as the bike is still apart! Wioll be back together tomorrow and drivin, hopefully it will start to work again!
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congrats! hope the small details fall into place with your atv!
The engine must be running for 2 , 3 , 4 gear position to work ...
thats what I was thinking but the bike was all apart so we couldn`t run it!!! 1 never displayed on it since I got it so I wasn`t to worried about that one! Thanks again Honda Mechanic
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