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update on code 11

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yesterday I removed the control motor and cleaned the the brushes and contacts, etc as suggested by honda mechanic (thx for the info). Put everything back together. Started the bike and no codes. Went down the road when I hit about 40km I noticed the motor reving but the transmission wouldn't shift. Then code 5 came up and then code 11 with a blown control fuse (30amp) I also tried it in ESP Mode, it would shift up to 3rd, then when tried for 4th the codes started. Any suggestions?
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If you knew anyone with a 2005-07 Rubicon you could try swapping ECM's ... If your dealer was anygood at all he'd try to get good will warranty for you ..
So it's looking like the ECM is faulty? Is there any easy way to check the ECM?
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