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up or down??

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I just snorkeled my 97 400, and now it appears to be struggling for air. I realize that I probably need to rejet...but up or down???? I've heard different people tell me both ways.
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more air=more fuel. use a bigger jet size.
thats about all i know about jetting, sorry i cant help you more.
Just snorkled my 95 400 tonight.(pics in accessories forum) Won't be able to try it till the weekend but it idles fine and revs fine in neutral. Info on this site says you shouldn't have to rejet unless you change exhaust and /or air filter also. Maybe just adjust the a/f screw. What size pipe did you run? You may actually be getting less air depending on the setup.
Warn 424 kit

Can I Do This My Self Or Should It Go To The Shop. I Have A 1994 Foreman 400 All Stock. Looking to do some up grades. Where Should I Buy The Warn 424
I ran a 1.5" pipe about 4' in length. I believe it's getting less air due to the length of the snorkel. Jet up or down?
My first thought would be for you to increase the pipe size to 2". I should get a chance this weekend to fine tune my a/f screw and clip setting on the jet needle. I might be able to offer some more info after I try those adjustments. Changing the main jet is for mixture at full throttle. You should be able to get it running well up to 3/4 throttle by adjusting a/f and needle clip position. If you think your not getting enough air you should raise the clip to go leaner.
on the wifes 98 foreman 400. the snorkel is 1.5" all the way, no jetting was needed with the stock exhaust. I only moved the needle and adjusted the mixture alittle. i dont remember what the setting where.

Here is a picture of the setup.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... COMC01.JPG</a>
Tried my bike with the snorkle today. Ran great thru the full throttle range without any adjustments. Didn't want to mess with the carb as it ran fine. Top speed of 75.2 kph with just 2 psi in the tires. That's 46.7 mph for most of you guys or 40.6 knots for those of you with the "Submarine Editions"
Does this sound about right or should I see if I can fine tune the carb settings?
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