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Hi all, Well the ticking noise is still there. I reset the valves and took the mechanics stethescope and listened all over the motor. I really find the ticking noise to be in the front clutch cover area. Could this be a clutch adjustment ? Its been running just fine and i have rode the frozen river and put about 200 miles on it in the past week. Has anyone ever adjusted the clutch? Or dont they need it? Thanks
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If thats where the noise is coming from,sounds like it maybe a timing chain.But if the honda techs say its normal,i'd not worry to much about it.
At first glance a person might think it is the valve settings. I did too. I think i should let the honda tec listen to it again.
Since you asked yes the clutch should be adjusted once in a while.

I doubt if that is your noise though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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