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So I got a new Rancher 400 4x4 for christmas and I took it out in the woods. Well there is a place with old train tunnels that are filled with water. I was getting near the end of the 2nd one when the water came up past my exhaust. I was getting scared because I don't know if the rancher has a built in snorkel or not. So I eased off the gas like a dumby and it stalled. I was about to **** myself and I had my step dad ( the one who bought the quad) pull me out. I tried starting it and it was just blowing out water from the exhaust. So I figured I'd let it sit and pray to god that it didn't hydro lock. So i hear dripping and I guess there is a hole in bottom of the airbox because i heard water dripping out and after the dripping stopped I tried starting it and it fired up like nothing. After that incident I kept riding and came to a muddy hillside. I put it in 4wd and in automatic, Punched the gas and it went straight up. I mean this ledge was a 90 degree angle.

I love this bike. I use to never ride honda only kawasaki but now I ride honda.
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