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Uni-filter or KN?

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Which should i get? I have an 2004 Foreman S, which would give better gains and good filtration? I have heard that the KN w/ pre filter still lets some particles into the carb and the UNI does a very good job of filtering, but less air flow. I like the UNI more due to price, but how long does it last with doing maintaince on?
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I have been told from a dyno guy that the Uni and Twin Air filters much better and the difference in flow is not noticeable.
I have always run K&N but I will be putting a Twin Air on my Ruby. If you are running K&N you just have to make sure you keep clean.
I prefer the Uni. It filter more than the K&N and while it may not flow as much, it flows enough to get the job done.Plus if it gets wet you can wring it dry. Ever tried to dry out a K&N on the trail?
I have a K&N, But I also have a precharger on mine. That little precharger filters everything and that filter seens to add quicker throttle responce.
UNI makes the honda stock filter allready in your forman
I would never put any thing but a K&N...My 2 cents
QUOTE ("Yellow Mudder":2x530cf1)
I would never put any thing but a K&N...My 2 cents

Just wondering why a person would choose a product that does not protect as well as others. Matt, the dyno guy I was talking about earlier, has told me that even with the precharger on it does not filter as well as Twin Air or Uni fitlers. He has taken apart a lot of carbs and has seen the dirt a K&N lets through.
I was a die hard K&N as well and have run them on all of my prior machines (6). Hearing Matt's testimony (not a sales pitch either) has changed my mind.
I purchased a UNI and cleaning kit from from rocky mountain, so thanks for the help, should have in couple of days or so
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