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**** u radio!

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apparently i can not submerge my "marine" radio in water. The **** thing shorted out on me so i cleaned it out and plugged it back in and it turns on then shuts off... any radio buffs out there know what to do or what to unplug or replace to get it working again? thanks
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go with balls-deep. mine works great in submarine or ground mode.

i probably should but mine looks sooo much better.....i guess looks are no substitute for quality. time to throw in the 600 dollar towel...
you can buy their cheapest one for like $210 includes shipping. not too awfully bad.
im not to sure on how to fix it. i had one in my jeep that got alot of water in it, and i would turn on then shut off. i took it all apart and let it dry out for the week and it worked, which was a surprize. kinda magically fixed itself
i would put it in the microwave. thats pretty smart right? lol
QUOTE ("selah86":1r7lgx2q)
i would put it in the microwave. thats pretty smart right? lol
it works for some fresh picked green i know. may work for more.
thanks for all your great posts! lol....maybe ill just put my head in the microwave and get it all over with.
i spend many of hours and days making my custom box, everything worked fine, until i mounted the cd player in the box and now it won't come on. the faceplate keeps popping off. it's shorting out on something.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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