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U Joint

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So how much does a u joint cost for one of these machines? There made out of cast right? For those of you that have broken one have you also streched the eyes on the shafts?
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i think the one for the 500 is around $50, the one for the 450 is about $100 I think they are stronger. I haven't torn it down yet to see the damage to the shaft.
It is worth the extra 50 bucks to put the 450 ujoint in your bike they are much stronger
Why is the 450 U-Joint better than the 500 u-joint. Seems it would be the
other way around.
you would think so but its not my buddy broke 3 on his 500 then went and put the one from the 450 in it and it hasnt broke yet
That was my next question, thanks Railroader.
It looks like to me honda had to put not as heavy duty parts in the 500's to make them lighter so that they weight the "600" pounds they want them to weight.
How are you guys breaking these U joints( Under what conditions??)How many have actually broke them ?
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/ --> I have, I was in nasty hole and on the throttle pretty good. heavy throttle, lift kit and tires will do it everytime.
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I havent torn into the rear of my 4 wheeler but as a preventive measure i think i might go ahead and put a 450 joint in. Can some one give me a brief overview of whats involved in puttin one in. Iv done u joints on trucks befor but this is alittle different. Any pics?

i have 2 foremans and ive broke both ujoints on them the one that is not listed on my signature has 27outlaws on it
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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