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U Joint

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Went on my first ride tonight, after having 90% off the transmission replaced, rode for about 2 hours, now it appears the ujoint may be broken. Its not fun towing a Foreman out of the woods with a rear end that is locked up!!!
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That is why I hate dealerships, they always seem to do a half a$$ job, they probably just didn't tighten it enough and that is what caused it. Did it bend your output shaft or anything, or do you just need to replace the joint. Bad luck sucks don't it.
tie it to a tree and drive out from underneath it, shouldn't hurt anything, just do it quick. That is how I would do it. If I lived closer I would come give you a hand.
you know that is why you are having these type of problems, i bought the warranty and haven't.
Good idea, prbably a little safer than mine.
They better not take too long or they will have an angry mob to deal with, you can't miss the p-run
Sure sounds good to me
1 - 6 of 42 Posts
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