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U Joint

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Went on my first ride tonight, after having 90% off the transmission replaced, rode for about 2 hours, now it appears the ujoint may be broken. Its not fun towing a Foreman out of the woods with a rear end that is locked up!!!
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Dang the bad luck. I hope you get that thing back to a 100% before
too long.
That is why I hate dealerships, they always seem to do a half a$$ job, they probably just didn't tighten it enough and that is what caused it. Did it bend your output shaft or anything, or do you just need to replace the joint. Bad luck sucks don't it.
I dont know how bad it is yet. I still cant figure out how to get it out of my truck
tie it to a tree and drive out from underneath it, shouldn't hurt anything, just do it quick. That is how I would do it. If I lived closer I would come give you a hand.
haha, I live in a condo, if I tied this thing to a tree and did that, I dont think it would go over so well, plus I dont think I have the nerve to try that.
I pulled back the boot over the ujoint, its definately broken in there, but I have no way of tellin if the output shaft is mangled.
6 days left on the warranty!! IM half tempted now to buy an extended one.
you know that is why you are having these type of problems, i bought the warranty and haven't.
im still on the free 6 month warranty, i didnt get an extended one, well not yet.
got it out of the truck, jacked it up, put a skateboard under each wheel, and rolled her right down!!!
Good idea, prbably a little safer than mine.
Where'd you get the skateboard at? Do you still skate Robb? Skater Robb.
haha, yeah I still skate!
Skate or Die Robb!
Sk8 and Destroy!!!
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I would give money for a video of you skating, Dude.
haha, I still go to the Vans park in orlando to skate.
no way would my knees allow me to skate anymore...but thats great

i have a killer Rodney Mullen highlight vid...but we all know i am video posting challenged and it is 4856 kb
Robb if you want it let me know i will send it over
send it to me [email protected] Rodney Mullen was unreal!
sent...let me know if you got it...
Believe it or not, i used to skate. I had a Santa Cruz board that i
customized to my taste. Not many skaters were country boys that
listened to country music & wore Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jeans. I was
the exception. I had Wrangler jeans stickers on my board with a guy
ropin' a calf. I was pretty good actually. I can still do it, but i can't do
all the tricks i used to do i'm sure.
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