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type of tire

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i have 27x11x12 rear 27x9x12 front 589's. Looking for a better mud tire for a foreman 500 with a 2'' lift. i will be in mud and water riding mostly. what would be the best? thanks
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Sounds like another outlaw customer!

I would go outlaws ->

Or Mudzilla's, ->

Most people on here have outlaws, and they are probably the better tire depending on who you ask.

Stick with the 27's or 28's with your lift you don't want to strain your drive train anymore than what it already is.
There's always these if you mainly ride water and mud!!!

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oh look someone bet me to it hahaha, we must have posted at the same time.
what size outlaws? i will be getting a clutch kit soon. i would like 29.5 but how much will i really have to change.
Should able to push them fine with the usual upgrades (HMF, Jet, K&N, Outlaw clutch kit).

Just have to watch your front Drive train with your axles, most people will run with stock until one breaks and then replace them with the gorilla axles. The only problem with the grollia axle is the price, usually 2-3 times the price of a oem axle.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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