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type of gas?

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i was just wondering what type of gas every one runs in there quad. i have always ran 92-93 in my quads. i know it has a diffrent ignition point than the 87, which it tells you to run, i was wondern if it has an adverse long term effect? i only put in 4 gals at a time so prem isn't hard for me to dow out, and makes me feel better about what i'm putting into the quad. any input, thanks

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I alwasy use high test. No problems yet.
Everyone i know uses high test.
92 and 93 here also!
we run good old cheap 87. never really though about using 92 or 93
QUOTE ("boss500":3gq74ru5)
Everyone i know uses high test.
What do you mean by "high test"?

I run always run 93.

Again what's high test?
The cheap gas is what I've always dealer told me high octane gas for a stock atv is just wasting your money.
QUOTE ("Yooperforeman":4l5qbber)
The cheap gas is what I've always dealer told me high octane gas for a stock atv is just wasting your money.
Correct, If it's not pinging, your fine.
****, I run 93 octane in my other weekend toy that has around 575hp with 10.5-11:1 compression, when I just go for just a drive. Aluminum will et you get away with it.
typed this one wrong. sorry please delete ROB
boys i run a 70/30 split of 93/110 octane. love the little extra it gives me over the other 500's out there riding with us. lol
interesting, never heard of some one doing that before. hmmm

i run the cheapest, lowest that they have at the we ride up to the pump and fill 'er up.
89 octane here...summer and winter. The sparke plug shows no sign sof overheating or of all no engine octane ping.
I run 93 in mine. Maybe it helps maybe not o well its only alittle more expensive.
I've heard several Honda techs say that high test brings your compression up too high. I ain't no expert, but 87 has been fine for me.
high test in mine
I run 93 in mine due to the fact that gas loses octane sitting in your tank over a period of time.
I grew up riding atv's since the first three wheeler days. Always put in the low end 87 and never had any issues. Some of these machines around here have over 50,000 Mi on 87 octane. Yes you read that correctly fifty thousand miles. Lot's of those miles are hauling fish in the sand towing boats etc. Tried higher octane av gas 100 low lead. And octane booster. Never made any difference in work performance, just the wallet lack of performance. However, if you where to put in a higher compression piston, say a 10.5 - 1 or higher You will see a benefit from it. The higher octane, just for lack of better words, keeps the gas more stable under the higher compression to keep it from predetonating. (PINGING)
As to whether it improves perfomance for you just try it out. I will stick with the 87 octane myself until I get my higher compression piston.
GL, Have fun. share your findings!
87 or higher is what the book says but I use high test usually.Had no pinging with any though.
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