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Type 7 clear coat or SS 106 rims?

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I have picked my tires and have decided between these two 12" rims. I want rims that will be durable and not too hard to clean. I know there's a lot more to choose from but these are my favorites.
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I like the 7s but the warranty of the SS wheels is unbeatable.
I have the SS106 rims and like them alot. They are pretty strong, easy to clean, and look really sharp. I did get a couple of scratches on the front right rim while riding at/near Hatfield McCoy (but that was due to me taking some extremely rocky trails, driving at high speeds over some rocks, and climbing the switch back on the mountain when it was raining and sliding into a huge rock). I'll try and take some pics so that you can see how they would look on your ride.

ss 106s for sure! It was a toss up between the ss112 and ss106, 112's won though. I also dig the 106's
I just received my wheels and tires on Friday. It also was a toss up between the 112's & 106's
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350hondaman - what size do you have on your Grizzly? is the bike stock (no lift)???
i have the 106's also and they are awsome. they are way lighter than stock rims i actually got a power gain when i put on the rims and my mud lights lol
SS 106's for sure they look really good on almost any wheeler and the warranty on them is that if they bend, break, or crack they will replace them for free and its a lifetime warranty that's one kick a$$ warranty
SS 106, they have lifetime warranty too.
try the ss 212s there new and look good. I got them on the way. Im getting the black ones. Also im getting the 27 inch swamp lites.
those are bad ass . wonder if dad will put those on the foreman?
Type 7's are cool too, especially the black ones.
ss 212s
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350hondaman - what size do you have on your Grizzly? is the bike stock (no lift)???
only running 25" Mud Lites, 8s and 10s. no lift

Funny post! AHAHAHHA
all of itp wheels are cool make an old bike look good
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Funny post! AHAHAHHA
grow up child
Personally i was making a choice between the SS112 and the ITP Type 7 Machined. I was leaning more towards the SS until i started thinking about how i would be riding. I'm gonna scratch my rims up on my foreman and so i thought that the type 7 wouldn't show as many scratches bc it has no black. But overall i'm happy with the decision that i made with my wheels....
Another vote for the ITP SS wheels, dunno which I'd get between the 112's and the 106's though...I got the 112's, but had never seen the 106's, I love these wheels- look even better in person!

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